Word from the President

Welcome to the Suffolk Poetry Society. It's a privilege to be President of one of Britain's oldest poetry societies which has been promoting poetry in Suffolk and beyond for well over half a century. Although poetry is created in solitude and can be read in silence, it comes alive, rather like music, when it is spoken aloud and shared with a group of like minded people. The principal aim of the Society is to create a community where poets or lovers of poetry can find a home in a world in which poetry is too often cast aside to the margins.

Word from the Chairman

As Chairman of Suffolk Poetry Society it is a great honour to welcome you to our website where you will find details of all our upcoming events and supported activities and cafés. As poetry lovers whether you write yourself or not we have something for you.

Stanza Bonanza

As an official Poetry Society Stanza we have been invited to take part in a ‘Stanza Bonanza’ at the Poetry Café in London. The idea is that a Stanza group sends 6 members (plus 1 to act as MC) to meet with representatives of another Stanza from somewhere else for an evening of shared poetry. Each reader gets 6-8 minutes to read with readers alternating with those of the other group. One MC opens the evening and the other closes it and there is usually a 20 minute break in the middle.

United Press Local Poem competition - note of caution

Having promoted United Press's Local Poem competition in last night's newsletter, we wish to add a note of caution.

Although United Press have been running such competitions for 14 years, after some investigation of their website we suspect that it is a commercial vanity publishing venture. No specific judge of the competitions is mentioned, so we suspect it is probably judged by United Press editors.

It is also not clear how the £1000 prize money is funded, but take note of this condition is their terms and conditions:

Chapter & Verse - December 2014

This month's poet is George Herbert (1593-1633), a so-called metaphysical poet, but much more than that.

2nd Festival of Suffolk Poetry: program change

The In Conversation With slot in the evening of the festival will now be hosted by Douglas Coombes.

Sadly, Oonagh Segrave-Daly has had to step down, but I'm sure we will be seeing her in other years.

The guests remain the same: David Healey, Pam Job and Caroline Gilfillan.

The Vale of Health by Peter Davey: free to SPS members

The Vale of Health

Peter Davey’s new book The Vale of Health has been dedicated to Suffolk Poetry Society.  The book is available to SPS members FREE OF CHARGE - including the cost of postage within the UK.  Peter suggests a small donation to Suffolk Poetry Society.

Workshop with Gregory Warren Wilson

If you enjoyed Gregory Warren Wilson's adjudications at the Crabbe Competition awards, you will be interested in this workshop, arranged privately by our previous Chair, Anne Boileau.

Anne will be one of our main readers at the festival on May 30th next year. Tickets for the festival are available from Colin Whyles, details are in the Twelve Rivers members recently received.

Pocahontas In Ludgate - Mike Bannister

"Pocahontas In Ludgate"

Arrowhead Press UK 2007.

ISBN 978-1-904852-15-5. 88pp.

Price: £7.50

Available from Amazon, Halesworth Bookshop or Mike Bannister (author) at 23 Station Road, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BZ.

"This book is filled with journeys, particularly sea voyages, loved places and homecomings: the ferry draws close to old, familiar places which have grown, through memory and time, strangely new and beautiful".
– James Knox Whittet

Shoal Moon: 23 Poems by Anne Boileau - Review by Mike Bannister

Shoal Moon is a slim volume I very much enjoyed reading. It continues to give pleasure, each time I turn to it.  Anne Boileau’s gift is to enter into the spirit of things, and to redeem the past; a gift nowhere better realised than with the opening stanzas of The Kyle of Tongue. The poet-observer transports herself and the listener, into another ‘time before time’. It is one of several such pleasures for the reader-in-waiting.

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