Suffolk Poetry Society newsletter

National Poetry Day 2016 report

Ian Griffiths reports on National Poetry Day 2016, for which he organised a reading on Aldeburgh Beach at the South Lookout, which was in turn transmitted to the USA via the Internet:

The National Poetry Day audience

Kissing It Better

It is rather short notice, but we have received the following message from the Kissing It Better charity. If any members are free to meet them on Tuesday, then please go along and, if you can, report back to us.

"Kissing It Better is a national charity who have recently set up a contract with Ipswich Hospital and we are very interested in engaging with diverse groups of people in the community. Poetry is something that we find incredibly valuable in our other projects so I was very excited to learn that Suffolk has a poetry society!

United Press Local Poem competition - note of caution

Having promoted United Press's Local Poem competition in last night's newsletter, we wish to add a note of caution.

Although United Press have been running such competitions for 14 years, after some investigation of their website we suspect that it is a commercial vanity publishing venture. No specific judge of the competitions is mentioned, so we suspect it is probably judged by United Press editors.

It is also not clear how the £1000 prize money is funded, but take note of this condition is their terms and conditions: