Making donations to us online

Making donations to us online

It is now possible to make donations to us with debit or credit card using the Total Giving or Stewardship websites.

This is quite simple and secure.

To give via Total Giving (they do not take any fees) click this link:

To give via Stewardship you simply go to and follow the procedure. You do not have to create a Stewardship account, click Continue without creating an account on the second screen.

If you sell items on eBay, you can also donate part of your earnings to us by checking the appropriate boxes when you set up the auction. eBay will add a badge to your item to encourage people to buy.

If you pay Income Tax you can increase the value of your donation by completing a Gift Aid declaration form. You can find these below.

Suffolk Poetry Society operates on a very tight budget and are grateful for any donations received, which we put to good use for promoting poetry in Suffolk. If you help us in any way please accept our gratitude and thanks for your kindness.