National Poetry Day at the Aldeburgh Lookout

A spiral of poets gathered at the South Lookout on Aldeburgh Beach yesterday, 8th October 2015, to celebrate National Poetry Day. The theme was Light and everyone managed at least one poem on that topic.

The readings were given from the steps of the lookout tower, the seagulls joined in, as did a distant hammering. But even the hammering did nothing to detract from the enjoyment of the event.

When all had read a Light poem then Ian opened the spiral to any other poems. Most read one or two more poems until Ian read his poem Fish and Chips to give a not very subtle hint as to his next engagement.

Quite remarkably, two passers-by joined in, one reciting a couple of Phillip Larkin poems and one a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, both reciting from memory, putting everyone else to shame.

The lookout is currently hosting a poet, Harriet Tarlo (from Yorkshire) and an artist, Judith Tucker, who are drawing (in charchoal) and writing about things that are inspiring them around Aldeburgh. There will be a walk on the beach tomorrow, 10th October at 17:00-18:30, when Harriet will read her poems. From 18:30 the lookout will be open to see the drawings. They were looking good yesterday.