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Glimpses of Felixstowe past, present and future


Glimpses of Felixstowe past, present and future is a book published by Felixstowe Café Poets in memory of a well known Felixstowe Historian, Phil Hadwen.  Phil did so much in and for Felixstowe that he was known as "Mr. Felixstowe" and there is in fact a plaque in his memory in the shelter in the Town Hall Gardens. He died suddenly and unexpectedly on 12th November 2015.  The book features poems about historic Felixstowe as well as some current day poetry and sea poems. 


Pocahontas In Ludgate - Mike Bannister

"Pocahontas In Ludgate"

Arrowhead Press UK 2007.

ISBN 978-1-904852-15-5. 88pp.

Price: £7.50

Available from Amazon, Halesworth Bookshop or Mike Bannister (author) at 23 Station Road, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BZ.

"This book is filled with journeys, particularly sea voyages, loved places and homecomings: the ferry draws close to old, familiar places which have grown, through memory and time, strangely new and beautiful".
– James Knox Whittet

Shoal Moon: 23 Poems by Anne Boileau - Review by Mike Bannister

Shoal Moon is a slim volume I very much enjoyed reading. It continues to give pleasure, each time I turn to it.  Anne Boileau’s gift is to enter into the spirit of things, and to redeem the past; a gift nowhere better realised than with the opening stanzas of The Kyle of Tongue. The poet-observer transports herself and the listener, into another ‘time before time’. It is one of several such pleasures for the reader-in-waiting.