Festival In Conversation — call for interviewees

Festival In Conversation — call for interviewees

Those who have been to our festivals will know that during the evening we have traditionally had an In Conversation spot. This year we wish to hold one with a slight difference. We would like the conversation to be between our own poets who have been recently published.

This will relate well to Antony Johae's morning workshop on getting published.

If you have recently been published, was it difficult? Was it rewarding, not necessarily financially, but artistically or socially? What difference has it made to your poetry? Did you work with an editor? Did that improve the poems? How difficult was it to sell your books?

There are many things about being published that people would like to hear about. If you would like to take part in the 40 minute discussion, email the Festival Director at festival@suffolkpoetrysociety.org.uk.

Tickets for the festival are now available at https://tickets.suffolkpoetrysociety.org.uk.

Remember that there will be a bookstall for members' books at the festival. Book them in on arrival.