Festival workshop: Getting your poems published

Festival workshop: Getting your poems published

Once again there will be workshops from 10:00-12:30 as part of the 4th Festival of Suffolk Poetry on Saturday 27th May 2017.

Antony Johae is offering the following:

Title: How to Get Your Poems Published                Facilitator: Antony Johae

Many write poems but do not send them out to be published in print magazines or online. The workshop is designed to assist poets develop strategies for submitting their work.

The focus will be on the publication of one or more individual poems rather than on the publication of a collection.

Two weeks before the workshop, participants will be invited to send a poem to the facilitator for advice on which magazine or ezine (online publication) they would be recommended to send their poems. They will be asked to bring copies to the workshop for distribution to the participants.
The workshop will be composed of six elements: 1. Research, reading, and subscribing. 2. Submitting. 3. Recording submissions. 4. Recording published poems. 5. Creating a network. 6. Reading of participants’ poems and advice on where to submit.

In order to avoid the need for taking copious notes, participants will be advised that a four-page summary of the workshop will be distributed at the end of the session.

A selection of print poetry magazines will be provided at the workshop. These will be offered to participants gratis.

Antony will also be a featured reader in the evening.

On-line ticketing arrangements for all festival events will be announced later. In the meantime you can book yourself a place on Antony's workshop by emailing the Festival Director on festival@suffolkpoetrysociety.org.uk.