Suffolk Poetry Society President's newsletter

Suffolk Poetry Society President's newsletter

Each month the President of SPS, James Knox-Whittet, produces a newsletter about a poet or a topic related to poetry. The newsletters are in PDF format and you can download them from each of the links below.

Chapter & Verse - February 2017

The title of this month's Chapter & Verse is Tracing Mansions: Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966). Anna Akhmatova was a highly respected Russian poet.

Chapter & Verse - January 2017

The subject of my newsletter for this month, the beginning of a new year, January 2017, is Robert Burns. I'm sure you will have heard of him.

Chapter & Verse - August 2016 plus news

The topic for this month's Chapter & Verse from our President James Knox Whittet is The Poetry of Rural Suffolk: George Ewart Evans (1909-1988).

You will find it attached.


As part of the Waveney and Blyth ‘Walk, Listen, Write, Dance, Sea, Eat, Create’ programme SPS are leading three walks in the Waveney/Blyth Valley area.